Top 100 Warrior Cat Name Generator Guide

Top 100 Warrior Cat Names Listicle

For those who’ve ever dreamed of prowling moonlit forests with the resilience of the mighty warrior cat, you’ll know that the right name can seal your feline fate. Whether you’re a fledgling writer adding depth to your warrior cat fanfiction or a roleplayer immersing yourself in an ancient forest world, a warrior cat name can unlock a whole character.

Top 100 Warrior Cat Name Generator Guide
Top 100 Warrior Cat Name Generator Guide

Your imagination is the only limit, and to ignite that infinite creative spark, here’s a list of the top 100 warrior cat names – each with the potential to craft a saga of its own.

1. Lionheart

With the courage of a thousand lions and a heart that beats with the pride and honor of the Majestic King, Lionheart roars into the first spot of our list. This name conjures up images of golden fur streaking across the battlefield with unwavering loyalty to the clan.

2. Shadowdancer

Slinking through shadows like a wraith, this name whispers tales of a cat whose movements are as graceful as they are deadly. Shadowdancer is the epitome of stealth, darting from one darkness to the next.

3. Nightwhisper

In the hush of a moonlit night, when the stars seem to listen, it’s Nightwhisper’s time to speak. A name that evokes mystery and wisdom, those chosen few who hear Nightwhisper’s counsel know to keep it close.

4. Frostspirit

In the biting cold, there’s a spirit that burns with an unyielding light. That’s the spirit of Frostspirit, fair-furred and swift, a glacial tempest in the heat of battle.

5. Tigerstrike

Tigerstrike leaps with the grace of his namesake, each paw leaving behind a memory of the striped menace that is not to be trifled with. His ferocity is unmatched, earning respect with every bound.

6. Fawnstep

A gentle name for a gentle warrior. Fawnstep treads lightly, leaving naught but the lightest imprints on her clan’s heart and the battlefield. It is said she can pass unnoticed, as tranquil as a morning meadow.

7. Emberflame

From the ashes of the past, Emberflame rises, a living testimony to fire and passion. With every flicker of her fiery pelt, her enemies know the searing rush of her attack.

8. Mistysong

In the delicate hues of dawn, Mistysong begins to weave her tale. Her voice is almost as powerful as her ability to disappear into the mists, evoking wonder and awe with every word and movement.

9. Brindlewhisker

Arrayed in a tapestry of fine hues and speckles, the artistry of Brindlewhisker’s coat is a reflection of an eclectic soul. This name is often associated with a cat who is as unique as the pattern of their fur.

10. Hazelgaze

Hazelgaze looks upon the world with knowing eyes, their depths home to the secrets of generations. This is a name suitable for a cat whose intuition is uncanny, and whose vision sees through the thickest of shadows.

11. Snakehiss

A name whispered in both dread and respect, Snakehiss embodies the feared but respected serpentine qualities. Their hiss is a harbinger of danger and an omen of the cunning that follows.

12. Ripplebrook

Rushing waters and the tranquility of an untamed wave – these are the echoes of Ripplebrook’s existence. Their presence soothes as effectively as it does terrify, reflecting the dual force of nature’s most powerful element.

13. Whiskerpelt

Whiskerpelt’s name harks to the sensory’s first line of defense. Alert and keen, their world begins at the whisker’s tip and extends to the very edges of the clan’s realm. A cat whose wisdom is not to be underestimated.

14. Birchleaf

A name as clean and robust as the birch leaves in the breeze, this moniker offers a connection to the earth and its ever-present cycles. Birchleaf’s steps are thoughtful and grounded, a fixed point in a world of motion.

15. Silverbreeze

Light and fleet as the air she is named after, Silverbreeze’s presence is heralded only by the gentlest stirrings of the wind. A name for a cat whose grace is unmatched, even by the most capable of her peers.

16. Stormrunner

A cat born of the tempest’s fury, Storm Runner knows no fear, only the thrill of the chase against the unforgiving winds. His namesake is etched into every thunderous step he takes, each stride a battle won against the elements.

17. Birchclaw

Birchclaw’s name bears the weight of the earth itself. Every slash and swipe is a testament to his grounded strength, etching power and a deep-rooted connection to his clan in the scorched battleground’s soil.

18. Dawnheart

With the rising sun, dawn brings light and life, and so does Dawnheart. A cat whose kindness is vast and who cares for her kin as though each was a branch on the tree of her heart.

19. Quickshadow

A name of the underfoot, a cat whose wiry muscles and quick wit make him a formidable foe. Quickshadow is as elusive as the dappled patterns of light and dark that follow his every move.

20. Bramblethorn

A name that reflects the barricade to be braved, Bramblethorn is both prickly and protective, a bulwark against the clan’s enemies. His thoughts are as complex as the thicket itself, hiding a treasure of strength within.

21. Dawnwhisper

Dawnwhisper’s name is the early promise of new stories, each morning a fresh page in the oath of her service. A cat whose whispers inspire hope, and whose dawn-lit coat is a banner of a new beginning.

22. Swiftfoot

With the gale’s speed, Swiftfoot darts through the forest, a blur of russet and white. His is a name synonymous with swiftness and the fleetness of foot that dictates the trail’s escape or the camp’s defense.

23. Raincloud

A cat with the deepest wells of emotion, yet with a presence as silent and unyielding as a puff of cloud on a crisp day. Raincloud is a name for a cat who sees and feels all, and whose counsel rings with the authority of silent tears.

24. Tallshadow

A name that casts a long silhouette over the land, Tallshadow’s reach and influence know no bounds. His stature is not only in form but in the measure of responsibility he shoulders for his clan’s welfare.

25. Scarletflame

An incandescent title for a cat whose very core burns with the passions of crimson hues. Scarletflame is known for their ferocity in battle, as their mere presence seems to kindle the dormant fire in the hearts of their clanmates.

26. Thistlewhip

Thistlewhip’s name is an echo of the bitter-sweet and the sharp sting of the neglected thorn. Quick to the temper, their challenges are as uncompromising as the prickly flora that names them, a defender of the honor to the very last thorny stand.

27. Spiritripple

Spiritripple’s essence is an unbreakable wave that flows with the wisdom of a hundred moons, illuminating the path with an ancestral gaze. They lead not with a heavy paw, but with the undying spirit that ripples through their actions.

28. Quickstrike

With a name that invites action and decisiveness, Quickstrike is the epitome of the cat whose every movement is a testament to lethal precision. They waste neither time nor energy, a keen edge against the encroaching darkness.

29. Flintwhisker

A name with the ruggedness of stone, echoing the strength hewn from the Flintwhisker’s spirit. Their loyalty is a mantle that they bear, unbroken and unyielding against the hardships of their clan’s journey.

30. Cloudwhisperer

A name that binds the ethereal to the solid, Cloudwhisperer is a cat who dances on the edge of two worlds. Their motions are as delicate as the mists they befriend, and their whispers are the silent calls of skies to those who listen.

31. Shadefrost

A confluence of cool tranquility and the enigmatic enforcers of the night, Shadefrost’s path is as uncertain and beautiful as ice etched in shadow. Theirs is the name that beckons the mysteries of the dark to envelop the brave and the bold.

32. Splashwhisker

A title that weaves the story of the cascade and the chaos, Splashwhisker is a whirlwind of energy and direction. Theirs are tales told in the spray against mossy boulders as the most joyous of souls inhabited the clan’s spirits.

33. Twigsong

With calls that mimic the gentle twisting of a solitary branch, Twigsong’s name binds them to the earth’s eternal music. Theirs are the notes of the first thaw, soft and lilting, permeating the cold hearts and frozen spirits.

34. Mapleflame

A name that interweaves autumnal glory with the relentless fire of spirit, Mapleflame’s heart is set ablaze with the zest for life. Theirs is the glow that sustains the clan through the fading light, and through the promise of frost.

35. Foxwhisper

A silent companion to the wary and the wise, Foxwhisper’s company is as valuable as it is fleeting. Theirs is the knowledge of the trickster world, and their name is a testament to the fables they collect and conceal.

36. Gravelstripe

A warrior name as textured as the pebbles in the afternoon sun, Gravelstripe’s marks are many and their reasons unknown. Their stories are etched in the gravel’s path, leading others down the trail that champions must tread.

37. Rosethorn

A name that hints at the gentlest of beauty and the sharpest of defenses, Rosethorn’s title is a fitting marker for a warrior with complexity etched into their domain. Theirs is the unerring path that cuts, but also heals.

38. Cinderlight

A name that holds within it the echoes of the ash and the iridescence of the flame, Cinderlight is a torchbearer for the doused ambitions of the clan. Their flame illuminates what is lost and what yet remains to be grasped.

39. Sunstrike

A name as impactful and relentless as the daylight’s first plunge, Sunstrike’s embodiment of energy and decisiveness is a welcome counsel in every dawn council. Their sight is sure, and their path is true, even when the darkness calls.

40. Falconheart

A name that conjures the spirit of the avian dance and the guardian’s call, Falconheart is a name revered for its speed and its protection. Their talons are the harbingers of doom for the unwary and salvation for those in need.

41. Birchsong

The namesake of the earth and the tree and the vitality they bring, Birchsong’s call is that of the spirit of essence. Their song is the heartbeat that drums across the mossy expanse, a reminder that life is to be cherished.

42. Dewwhisper

As sweet as the dew that graces the pelt at daybreak, Dewwhisper’s counsel is that of the elder’s dream. Theirs is the voice that inspires and refreshes, a vial of emotions that must be carried through the day’s journey.

43. Wolfwind

A name that calls out the pack’s discipline and the wild’s allure, Wolfwind’s legacy is that of the untamed yet calculated rush. Theirs is the sprint that outpaces the wiles of the forest and the enemies’ preparations.

44. Specklewish

A name that harkens the most minute of desires and the luminous spark, Specklewish is the glamour of the heart’s conquest. Theirs is the spirit that yearns beyond the confines of reality, painting trails with wishes and wants.

45. Frostfeather

The name Frostfeather is an emblem of the cold’s grace and the silent might of the winter hawk. Theirs is the fall that is swift and sure, leaving behind the swirl of the snow and the testament of survival.

46. Thawnight

The junction of the melt and the unseen dance of the night, Thawnight is the transformation and the mystique that follows. Their name is the harbinger of change, and their presence foreshadows the new or the undisturbed.

47. Duskpool

The serenity of eventide and the depth of the still waters, Duskpool is the reservoir of the end’s consolations. Their name is a sanctuary for the weary, and their heart a resting place for the tumult’s trail.

48. Rainwhisker

A name that wears the drops like stars and the trail of the tempest, Rainwhisker is the expression of fluidity and the relentless patter. Their mission is to drive the clans forward, regardless of the downpour’s demands.

49. Mistycloud

The conjunction of the nebula and the unseen paths carved through it, Mistycloud is the luminescent guide and the veiled warrior. Their name is an omen of the mystic and the ship that charts the fog’s foolproof passage.

50. Blazepond

The domain of the heat reflected on the calm surface of the water, Blazepond is a veteran’s testament and the sun’s parade. Theirs is the flame that greets the unseen, and the calm that belies the furies at its core.

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Warrior Cat Name Generator Guide
Warrior Cat Name Generator Guide

51. Boulderflight

A name that holds the earth’s solid resolve and the momentarily soft lifting, Boulderflight is a paradox and a practice. Theirs is the leap that defies the expectations and the integrity that holds the flight like a helmsman.

52. Mosswhisk

The name Mosswhisk is as firm as the moss that clings to the elderwood’s memories, yet as light as the wind that carries its tales. Their name is the guardian of the past and the bard of the future, both solemn and free.

53. Stormwhisper

A name that bisects the turmoil and offers the tranquility within it, Stormwhisper is the eye and the edge of conflict. Theirs is the council that braces for the squall and steers through the chaos, unscathed and unlocked.

54. Hailwhip

A name that embraces the duality of the hail and the innocence of the whip, Hailwhip is the tempest’s grandchild and the vigilant’s messenger. Theirs is the sting that’s merciful and the coldness that teaches, both fair and relentless.

55. Swiftshadow

A name that echoes the ground’s grace and the sky’s unseen advance, Swiftshadow is the two suns that orbit a warrior. Theirs is the stride that devours the trail, leaving only expectations in the wake of their conquest.

56. Patchsong

A name as visual and vibrant as the patchwork the harlequin might wear, Patchsong is the weaver and the warden. Theirs is the tale that mends the broken and the harmonica that orders the chaos into the clan’s anthem.

57. Thistlebreeze

A name as soft as a thistle’s touch and as foreboding as the breeze that carries it, Thistlebreeze is the bard of caution and the sage of the curious. Theirs is the wisdom that flows with the smallest tug, a current that’s both soothing and suspect.

58. Dustclaw

Dustclaw is a whisper and a legacy bound to the soil and the unseen battle. Though they can be forgotten in the grandeur, their name is the reminder and the old oath’s relic that fights through the ages, unseen but unforgotten.

59. Dawnlake

A name that twines the clay with the newborn’s gaze, Dawnlake is the promise of the water’s edge and the first thirst’s slake. Theirs is the life-giving embrace and the end’s invitation, the lip that tests existence’s limits.

60. Willowwhisk

The name Willowwhisk is entwined with the river’s patient age and the stream’s whispered lore. They are the repository of wisdom that rests beside the great trunk, a secret shared only with the weeping leaves.

61. Smokestripe

A name that intertwines the rising grey and the rustic black, Smokestripe is the forward’s retreat and the timid gale. Theirs is the adaptability and the surprise that the trail’s expectancies scarcely account for.

62. Bouldersplash

A name that envelops the earth and the falling tumult, Bouldersplash is the magnitude and the fallibility in all things great. Theirs are the ripples that extend beyond the impact, the echo of their presence’s promise.

63. Heathfrost

A name that mirrors the open field’s chill and the autumn expanse, Heathfrost is the cold kiss and the flush of the harvest’s advance. Theirs is the blend of life and death, the balance within the ancestor’s embrace.

64. Reedshadow

A name as haunted and dynamic as the reed’s whisper and the noontide’s shade, Reedshadow is the spirit’s fleeting surge and the moon’s guarded beam. Theirs is the high that is hunted and the hush that waits to pounce.

65. Sleetwhip

A name that intertwines the sleet’s chill and the hunter’s crack, Sleetwhip is the winter’s precision and the lash of the bound. Theirs is the sting that survives even the season’s doubts, a testament to endurance and defiance alike.

66. Thornflight

A name that echos the season’s edge and the defense’s dance, Thornflight is the strength’s trial and the sentinel’s song. Theirs is the ward that meets the foes before the foes meet the clan, a noble and necessary challenge.

67. Ashwhisk

A name that binds the phoenix’s path and the cats’ cremation, Ashwhisk is the rise and the reformation. Theirs is the spirit that endures through the destruct and derives from the removal of the old bounds.

68. Swiftdream

A name as swift and as unseen as the dreams that they escape, Swiftdream is the inspiration and the executioner. Theirs is the vision that sparks the impossible and the realization that brings it into being.

69. Smokewhisper

A name as enigmatic and insubstantial as the smoke’s taunting whisper, Smokewhisper is the twin of doubt and the carrier of discretion. Theirs is the council whose silent influence determines victory or defeat in every campaign.

70. Marshstrike

A name that is both bog and bolt, Marshstrike is the viper’s fang and the heron’s dart. Theirs is the ambush that hunts in the water and strikes on land, a tactic as dangerous as it is efficient. As elusive as they are deadly, those who bear this name are not to be trifled with.

71. Bramblebreeze

A name that embodies the prickly thorns and the gentle winds, Bramblebreeze is the contradiction of nature and the harmony within it. Theirs is the balance that must be maintained in order for life to thrive, a delicate dance between protection and nourishment.

72. Blizzardwhip

Blizzardwhip is a name that blends the fury of a blizzard and the swift strike of a whip. They are the warrior who can harness the power of nature’s wrath, using it to their advantage in battle. With this name comes great responsibility, as well as great strength.

73. Shadetuft

A name that conceals and reveals at the same time, Shadetuft is the cunning and the surprise in one. Theirs is the tail that hides secrets and the paw that strikes without warning. With their quick thinking and sharp instincts, they are an invaluable asset to any clan.

74. Sunblaze

A name as bright and fierce as the sun itself, Sunblaze is a symbol of courage and determination. Theirs is the fire that burns within, driving them to achieve greatness and overcome any obstacles in their path. They are a beacon of hope and inspiration for those around them.

75. Frostclaw

Frostclaw is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. They are the warrior whose claws can freeze with a single swipe, leaving their foes vulnerable and defeated. But beneath the icy exterior lies a loyal and protective heart, ready to defend their clan at any cost.

76. Nightshade

A name that is both beautiful and deadly, Nightshade is the essence of mystery and danger. They are the loner who moves under cover of night, navigating the shadows with ease and grace. Their loyalty lies with themselves, but they may offer their services to those who gain their trust.

77. Stormbreaker

A name that commands respect and awe, Stormbreaker is the tempest’s fury and the thunder’s might. They are the leader who can weather any storm and emerge victorious. With their courage and strength, they guide their clan through even the darkest of times.

78. Duskwing

A name that evokes the image of a bat’s graceful flight at dusk, Duskwing is the scout and spy, ever vigilant in the fading light. They are the eyes and ears of the clan, gathering information and staying one step ahead of their enemies. Their ability to blend into the shadows makes them a valuable asset to any mission.

79. Hawkstrike

A name that represents the swift and deadly precision of a hawk’s attack, Hawkstrike is the warrior who strikes without hesitation. They are trained in aerial combat and can take down even the largest of prey with ease. But they also possess a keen intelligence and cunning mind, making them not only formidable fighters but strategic thinkers as well.

80. Moonwatcher

A name that speaks of the moon’s ever-watchful gaze, Moonwatcher is the guardian and protector of their clan. They are responsible for keeping watch throughout the night, alerting others to any dangers that may arise. With their sharp senses and unwavering devotion, they are a key member of any group.

81. Ripplestream

A name as fluid and ever-changing as the stream it represents, Ripplestream is the healer and peacemaker of their clan. They possess a calming presence that can soothe even the most troubled minds. And with their knowledge of herbs and medicine, they are able to mend wounds and bring balance to their community.

82. Thunderstrike

A name that embodies the power and ferocity of a thunderstorm, Thunderstrike is the warrior who commands lightning and thunder. They are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, striking fear into their enemies with each crack of their tail. But they also possess a gentle side, fiercely protective of their loved ones.

83. Mistwhisper

Mistwhisper is a name that speaks of secrets and hidden depths, much like the mist itself. They are the cat who can move silently and undetected, able to gather information without being noticed. But they also possess a talent for communication, able to persuade and convince others with their whispered words.

84. Flameheart

A name that burns bright and warm, Flameheart is the passionate and devoted member of their clan. They are fiercely loyal to those they care about and will stop at nothing to protect them. But they also possess a fiery spirit that can sometimes lead them into trouble.

85. Timberclaw

Timberclaw is a name that speaks of strength and resilience, much like the trees themselves. They are the warrior who can use their powerful claws to bring down even the largest of foes. But they also possess a deep connection to nature and can often be found communing with the spirits of the forest.

86. Silvermist

A name as ethereal and elusive as silver mist, Silvermist is the cat who walks between worlds. They are highly intuitive and possess a deep understanding of the spiritual realm. Their wisdom and guidance are sought after by many, making them an important member of their clan.

87. Nightfall

A name that represents the darkness that falls at night, Nightfall is the silence and stillness that comes with it. They are the cat who can move without being seen or heard, able to blend into the shadows seamlessly. But they also possess a sharp mind and quick reflexes, making them a formidable opponent in battle.

88. Sunstrike

A name that is synonymous with bravery and strength, Sunstrike is the warrior who charges into battle without fear. They are not afraid to take risks and will do whatever it takes to protect their clan. Their courage and determination inspire others to follow their lead.

89. Willowbreeze

A name that brings to mind the gentle rustle of willow branches in the breeze, Willowbreeze is the calm and nurturing member of their clan. They possess a soothing presence that can ease even the most troubled minds. And with their knowledge of herbs, they are able to heal both body and soul.

90. Shadestalker

A name that speaks of stealth and cunning, Shadestalker is the cat who moves through the shadows with ease. They are highly skilled in hunting and tracking, able to navigate even the most treacherous terrain without being detected. But they also possess a sharp mind and clever wit, making them an invaluable member of their clan. Additionally, Shadestalker’s ability to blend in with their surroundings makes them an excellent spy and scout, gathering information for the benefit of their clan. They may not always be the most social cat, but when they do speak, it is often with wise and calculated words. Their sharp senses and quick reflexes also make them a formidable fighter in battle. Overall, Shadestalker’s skills and abilities make them an essential part of any clan. Though they may prefer the darkness, their loyalty to their clan is unwavering and they will do whatever it takes to protect those they care about. Whether traversing through the night or surveying the land from a hidden vantage point, Shadestalker is a valuable member of any team. So if you ever find yourself in need of a cunning and skilled cat, look no further than Shadestalker. They will always have your back, even in the darkest of times.

91. Swiftwing

A name that evokes the image of a bird soaring through the sky, Swiftwing is the fastest cat in their clan. They possess incredible speed and agility, able to outrun even the swiftest of prey. But they also have a calm and level-headed demeanor, making them an excellent messenger and swift decision-maker.

92. Stormcaller

A name that speaks of power and authority, Stormcaller is the leader who commands respect from their clan. They possess a commanding presence and a voice that can be heard even in the midst of a storm. But they also have a compassionate heart, always putting the needs of their clan above their own.

93. Ravensoul

A name that embodies mystery and intelligence, Ravensoul is the cat with an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge. They are highly observant and possess a deep understanding of their surroundings. Their wise and calculated actions make them a valuable asset to any group.

94. Frostblade

A name that brings to mind the cold and harshness of winter, Frostblade is the warrior who is unyielding in battle. They are able to withstand even the harshest of conditions and emerge victorious. But they also possess a soft side, fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones.

95. Dawnstrike

A name that represents the beginning of a new day, Dawnstrike is the cat who brings hope and optimism to their clan. They are able to see the good in any situation and inspire others to do the same. But they also possess determination and courage, willing to fight for what they believe in.

96. Thunderheart

A name that speaks of strength and power, Thunderheart is the cat who commands respect with their presence alone. They possess a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to defend what they believe is right. But they also have a tender heart, caring deeply for their clan and their loved ones.

97. Honeydew

A name that brings to mind the sweetness of summer, Honeydew is the cat who radiates warmth and kindness. They are known for their nurturing nature, tending to the young and injured in their clan. But they also possess a sharp wit and clever mind, making them more than just a gentle soul.

98. Nightwhisper

A name that embodies the mystery and secrecy of the night, Nightwhisper is the cat who knows all secrets of their clan. They are highly perceptive and able to pick up on even the smallest whispers. Their knowledge and ability to keep secrets make them a trusted confidant for many.

99. Blazeheart

A name that represents passion and determination, Blazeheart is the cat who never gives up in the face of adversity. They possess a fiery spirit and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. But they also have a compassionate side, always looking out for the well-being of others.

100. Moonshadow

A name that brings to mind the tranquility and mystery of the night, Moonshadow is the cat with a deep connection to the spirits and their ancestors. They possess a strong intuition and are often sought after for their wisdom and guidance. But they also have a mischievous streak, keeping their clan on their toes with unexpected pranks. As the moon guides them through the night, Moonshadow is a cat of balance, able to navigate both light and darkness with ease. Their unique abilities make them a valuable member of any clan, bringing a sense of harmony and magic wherever they go. And as the 100th cat on this list, Moonshadow reminds us that there are countless more names and personalities to discover in the world of cats. With each new name comes a new story, adding depth and richness to the vibrant world of felines. So let us continue to explore and celebrate the many wonders of these magnificent creatures, for they will always hold a special place in our hearts. The end? No, this is only just the beginning of our journey with these extraordinary cats. There will always be more tales to tell and adventures to embark on, so let us embrace the endless possibilities that await in the world of cats. The end? No, my friend, this is only the beginning. Until we meet again among the clans, may the stars guide your path and may the spirits watch over you. Meow for now! End transmission – Your guide in all things feline. #100CatsOfClans

And with that, our journey through the world of cats comes to a close. But fear not, for there will always be more stories and adventures awaiting us in this vast and wondrous universe. So let us bid farewell to these 100 cats with open hearts and grateful minds, knowing that they have enriched our lives in countless ways. And may their names live on as a testament to their bravery, loyalty, and unique personalities. Until we meet again among the clans, may the stars guide your path and may the spirits watch over you. Meow for now! End transmission – Your guide in all things feline. #100CatsOfClans End of Document.

But remember, this is not truly the end. For as long

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